How old is too old to be spoon fed?

When we were babies or even small toddlers, it would be foolish to try and teach us how to feed ourselves. Not only are we not physically capable, we have about a 50/50 chance of eating something non-edible versus something that has some nutritional value. As we grow older, we become more able to feed ourselves and more knowledgeable as to what is beneficial to eat. At a certain age, presumably, we are no longer told what to eat, and how to eat it.

As far as I am concerned, this is analogous to education. In preschool and kindergarten, our reading and writing skills are somewhat lacking, and we learn whatever teachers tell us, or maybe whatever is on Sesame Street or Blue’s Clues on a particular day. I would wish that all of us were blessed with great parents that also taught us many important life lessons, but I know that many do not. As we grow older we are encouraged, or ought to be encouraged, by those influential figures around us to read books, and begin to learn about topics on our own in, addition to those taught in the classroom. Below is a very interesting quote from Steven Covey, about how Americans are educated these days.

It’s a fact that more people watch television and get their information that way than read books.

One of my biggest pet peeves, and I am guilty of this from time to time, is when people talk about a subject, and they use information they heard on TV to support their argument. Granted, this is not always bad, but using “facts” from TV can get you into trouble from time to time. This is, and will be, especially relevant during the upcoming elections in November. I hope by this day in age, most people know that the American media can be a little bit biased… But that is a whole other topic.

Most people struggle with life balance simply because they havn’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them- Steven Covey

Don’t let this be you, and surely don’t let the media tell you what they think is important for you, because you will just be misled. Values of the media, in my opinion, should not be those that a life should be built around. Don’t let the media be in the driver seat of your life (maybe they could be in the trunk), but rather you yourself get in the driver seat and choose to be someone who proactivley seeks education.

The bottom line:

  1. Cut back on TV viewing time, taking in information with a grain of salt.
  2. Try to learn more about topics from different sources, like books.
  3. Do not let TV tell you what is important, because it usually isn’t.

4 Responses to How old is too old to be spoon fed?

  1. Rabenstrange says:

    Not only do we have to watch our intake from television it is also important to monitor the information we ingest from other sources. The schools we attend are definitely driven by an agenda but few ever think much about who decides what is taught in school.

    As people approach adulthood, the responsibility for directing learning should increasingly be shouldered by the individual. Each person should take care to consciously direct their own education rather than allow the cultural defaults to have a free way.

  2. Michael says:

    Any source of information can be biased, even books. I think the important thing is knowing how to tell what sources can be trusted and what can’t. It is wise to be a bit skeptical when taking in informationm, especially from an unkown source, and gaining confirmation from someone (or somewhere) you can trust before using that information for other purposes.

  3. teaaker says:

    True, books can be biased as well. But I feel that it is easier to hand select quality books, rather than just get an “overall education” from the TV. For instance, if I want to get educated and watch a certain news station to do so, subtle biases can get through, while it is easier to screen books for biases by reading many reviews etc. Definitely, it is a skill to be able to distinguish between good and bad sources of quality educative material.

  4. Michael Tim says:

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