Over at Glimmerick…

Things are shaping up nicely over at Glimmerick.com, and I think I have finally nailed down a design that I really like. I have a new RSS feed setup, and a lot of cool features that I didn’t have here.

  • Add to Any– Really neat Social Book marking plugin, allowing you to email, digg, del.icio.us, Stumble Upon, (upon dozens of others) any cool stories I might write.
  • CommentLuv– When you comment on my post, if you have a blog, this tool will load your last post title w/ link at the bottom. Viewers can then be easily directed to your Blog.
  • Google Analytics – This is a really powerful, free, tool that allows users to see traffic to their site, bounce rate, average time on site, if a person directly came to my site, or was referred, etc. This allows me to help create content that is more relevant to my specific readers.

Don’t forget to check out the new site! Glimmerick.com


One Response to Over at Glimmerick…

  1. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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