Your money or your life.

June 2, 2008

A friend told me today about a bumper sticker that he saw the other day, “Whoever has the most toys when he dies wins!” While we may laugh at this statement, realizing how ignorant it is, too many people live like this. Many people work extra overtime or two jobs to pay off that house they cannot afford, the fancy BMW parked outside, or to pay off outlandish credit card debt. Of course, some people just need to work that much to support their families, which is commendable. Though this may be the case for some, many others are just living outside of their means. I often hear people say they work so much so that they can provide a better standard of living for their family; one that they did not have growing up. What do you think your family will value more? A more expensive car, or spending more time together as a family? Just some thoughts to ponder…

When people outlive their bank accounts, other elements in their lives are sure to suffer. I have heard of many families that have had strained relations because of debt problems, living pay check to pay check, and constant working. I am no expert on relationships or finances, but I do know what is important to me in life. If I had a choice to have that new plasma TV, or to spend more time with my family and friends over the years, I would always choose family and friends. When people were asked “If you could change one thing you did in your life”, common responses are “spend more time with my family” “being with my children growing up”, “make a positive impact on more people’s lives” etc.  While I would usually not quote people from a forum, this one comment struck me personally:

I believe whoever dies with the most people who have loved them and will miss them and is in the good graces of God will win. -User in a forum(thekingcobra63)

Bottom line: Make sure your relationships are not being compromised by “getting the most toys”.